Due to the distributed nature of decentralized data storage networks, the scalability offered is superior to the traditional data centres. Moreover, when it comes to decentralized systems, the wider the network, the greater the degree of decentralization, and an accordingly higher degree of security and reliability of data storage is achieved. #YottaChain #security #data #cloud #scalability #cybersecurity #network #decentralization

YottaChain provides decentralized data storage solutions for entities that deal with particularly sensitive information, including surveillance security integrators. Compared to other IT systems, CCTV generates a continuous flow of heavy, unstructured video data 24/7. Most organizations that use security surveillance services require video footage to be continuously recorded at a…

#YottaChain data storage network is not run by a single central authority. While maintaining zero-knowledge privacy protocol, 105 Supernodes synchronize data on three levels: user authentication, data deduplication, network analysis, self-healing, and heartbeat check. #cybersecurity #privacy #dataprotection #databreach #network #SuperNodes #serversecurity #informationsecurity #blockhain

Yottachain gives life to the next-generation decentralized data storage network on the Blockchain, — the world’s safest ecosystem for your data. Our team of developers has focused on designing Yottachain infrastructure through exploiting the disruptive technology of blockchain to achieve a high level of decentralization for greater security and reliability of data storage

YottaChain receives yet another certificate of accreditation after a rigorous evaluation by experts in the field. “The Software Product Test Certificate” has been granted to confirm that the YottaChain decentralized data storage network and its underlying unique technology surpass the industry standards in terms of security, reliability, and performance effectiveness.

Data stored using Blockchain technology cannot be lost or manipulated. It gets split into unreadable elements and distributed across a network of trusted storage nodes in various locations. Encrypted and securely stored, hack- and disaster-proof, such data can only be accessed by its rightful owner. The solutions built on Yottachain Blockchain Technology proved to be 10 thousand times more reliable in terms of data privacy and security compared to those available on the market. #Yottachain #datacentre #datastorage #BlockchainTechnology #cryptocurrency #globalization

“Rebuild” is a data loss prevention function of YottaChain Blockchain Technology, that is automatically activated in the unlikely event of one of the data storage nodes’ failure. The system automatically assigns other nodes to participate in the rebuild process. For instance, to recover 10000 files lost due to one node failure, a hundred other nodes are assigned to fulfill the “Rebuild” function. In the given scenario, each node only needs to rebuild 100 pieces. Rebuilding one piece takes an average of 0.05 seconds, therefore the system is capable of rebuilding 10000 pieces within only 5 seconds. Data storage nodes monitor each other at all times. The slightest issue is detected immediately, and the lost data is automatically rebuilt in a matter of seconds.


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