1 min readApr 15, 2021

At this very moment, thousands of businesses, organizations, governmental institutions are putting all the necessary resources into the digitalization of their operations, triggered by the recent economic and social changes. This profound shift drives the production of more and more data, bringing by the challenge of secure storage of a greater amount of data. The already existing solutions fail to keep up with the requirements and cyber threats of the digital world today. Having recognized that, Yottafile Technologies LLC, partner of YottaChain in the Middle East, is implementing Local Storage Networks. Yottafile is currently introducing this new project to its partners, investors, and IT companies in the region. These storage networks will be running on the existing data storage devices of a client, incorporating the YottaChain Blockchain technology, forming a closed LSN for larger-scale clients and configurations, providing access to greater capacity at a lower cost. The new solution will allow thousands of times more secure, reliable, and affordable storage of corporate data for organizations operating sensitive information, including security service providers, software developers, healthcare providers, etc.