Biweekly Report on YottaChain Project Progress 【8.04–8.17】

Technology Development Project

1.The new incentive schemes of super node has been put online. The basic reward: block reward: vote reward is 6:2:2 under the new incentive scheme;

Progresses have been made in commercial applications

1.YottaChain Business Application Committee held plenary working conference

A number of progresses were made in marketing activities

1. The number of YottaChain Huobichat community has exceeded 13,000 +

Upcoming events

  1. YottaChain founder Wang Donglin will attend main Forum of “POWER 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference” held in Beijing on August 20, with 35 distinguished guests from academia, Internet giant and leading enterprise of block chain, to open the technology integration of block chain with 5G, artificial intelligence, and internet of things as well as frontier topic discussions including privacy calculus, distributed storage, open finance, Libra effect, BaaS rising topics.



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