Video surveillance/ CCTV storage solutions by YottaChain

YottaChain provides decentralized data storage solutions for entities that deal with particularly sensitive information, including surveillance security integrators. Compared to other IT systems, CCTV generates a continuous flow of heavy, unstructured video data 24/7. Most organizations that use security surveillance services require video footage to be continuously recorded at a high quality with a maximum frame rate and archived for 90 days on average. The amount of video data generated by a single camera may reach 40–50 gigabytes daily. For large systems that incorporate 100+ cameras, an enormous amount of storage space is required to accommodate such heavy data. Surveillance videos may be used for evidential and security purposes, therefore compromising on quality of the footage to cut the cost is not an option. YottaChain Blockchain Technology is a perfect fit for the industry as it is the only technology in the world capable of combining deduplication and encryption to save storage capacity and provide robust data security at the same time. With 1.28 deduplication factor, heavy video files can be stored using 5 times less storage capacity.