YottaChain Ecosystem & Community Committee Elects Its First Rotating Chairman

The Committee’s newly adopted rotating chairman system is an innovative community-based governance approach that grants full power to the community and reinforces the ecosystem consensus.

The YottaChain Ecosystem & Community Committee Charter has been adapted accordingly. Actively endorsed by the Yottachain community, the charter stipulates that four deputy chairmen will be elected through democratic voting. Each of the rotating chairmen will then take turns to assume the position of acting chairman of the Yottachain Ecosystem & Community Committee for three months.

In line with the whole community’s value consensus, YottaChain has engaged proficient individuals with excellent management capabilities to take up deputy chairpersons’ roles. It is then in the hands of the community to vote for an acting committee chairperson. This innovative management mechanism allows everyone to participate in community governance, striving to build an effective ecosystem collectively.

The rotating chairman election was launched in the afternoon of March 1st. Earlier that day, the four selected candidates have given their public speeches. The election was conducted through online voting, respecting the national epidemic prevention guidelines.

Feng Yongchun has been elected to serve as the first rotating and acting chairman of the Yottachain Ecosystem & Community Committee. The new appointment will take place with immediate effect. One of the three remaining deputy chairmen, including Li Zhibiao, Cai Changliang, and Zhang Qi, will take over the role in the next quarter of this year.

According to Hou Yuewen, the interim chairman of YottaChain Ecosystem & Community Committee, the community-based governance system’s deployment will stimulate the community’s vitality. Hou Yuewen believes that reinforcement of community autonomy is of great significance to a successful management system as it promotes ecosystem strength and unity.

In his speech at the election meeting, Hou Yuewen said: “The most fundamental thing for a good blockchain project is its degree of decentralization, as well as forming an autonomous community system, tapping the potential of community members, enhancing the community’s ability to resolve its problems, and enabling the power of the community to support the healthy operation, while establishing trust and consensus.”

Hou Yuewen also pointed out that this year’s operations focus will center around two points: on the one hand, the increase of a commercial storage capacity of YottaChain, to build and secure a solid foundation for commercial applications; on the other hand, the globalization campaign, based on a newly developed strategy to enter the global market. Globalization will allow Yottachain to expand its geographic footprint, develop international influence and expand its value chain internationally.