YottaChain Project Biweekly Report (10.08–10.19)

Preface: As the only storage chain which can ensure data reliability and security, YottaChain has attracted much attention since the project was launched. In order to let followers know more about the progress and latest developments of YottaChain project, YottaChain publishes biweekly reports of the project every two weeks, please pay attention!

Technology Development Progress

2. Completed S3 client asynchronous transmission and queue controlling. Conducted a new round of performance testing on S3 client to optimize upgrade speed;

3. Some bugs during data reconstruction has been detected, which is scheduled to be fixed next week;

4. Tested and optimized storage scheduling, aiming to achieve the best scheduling solution through continuous optimization;

5. The problem of high memory occupancy of the mining machine has been properly solved and repaired;

6. The summary design plan for ecological node has been adopted, whose details will be supplemented and improved. Started coding for some modules of ecological node in advance;

7. The upgrade test plan for super node has been drafted. In theory, super node can be upgraded safely without affecting any business operations, and the verification work will be started next week.

Commercial Application and Ecological Construction

2. On October 16th , accompanied by Mr. Li Xiaonan of ZhongHuan Engineering Company, Mr. Zhao Weimin, YTA vice president , Mr. Bian Ruoshen, deputy secretary-general of YTA Education Committee, and YTA ‘s Strategic Partner, Tianjin Huatai Ruiyang, visited “ZhongHuan Tianjin Urban Brain Project”. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on big data storage and its application in AI, people’s livelihood, transportation, security, urban operation and maintenance, laying a solid foundation for YTA’s main net launch and commercial application.

3. This week, Mr. Zhao Weimin ,YTA vice president, visited Lenovo Enterprise Online Disk, the largest enterprise cloud drive service provider in China, during which they discussed cooperation in storage service.

4. Under the arrangement of YTA Tianjin Office, Mr. Zhao Weimin and Mr. Bian Ruoshen visited Hengshui city in Hebei province. They were received by relevant leaders of local government investment bureau to discuss ecological node and big data storage application.

Remarkable Achievements in Market Campaigns

2. On October 11th , BiUP invited Mr. Zhu Yuming, YTA vice president, to share the topic of blockchain storage for BiUP community through an online WeChat group open class. With the theme of “How big is YTA’s ambition?”, Mr. Zhu gave an informative sharing from four perspectives: storage development history, four elements of YTA public chain, YTA ecology consensus and the latest progress of the project. Mr. Zhu pointed out in the era of blockchain storage, Chinese storage public chain representative of YTA can not only reach the world-class level, but even stand a chance to win the top place in the world.

3.On September 10th ,Mr. Li Zhijiao, chairman of YTA Eco-Community Committee, arrived at YTA Beijing Panshi community, where he delivered a keynote speech entitled “Super Storage in the 5G Era” and explicated YTA’s encryption deduplication technology. The recruitment of YTA ecological node in Beijing has been fully launched.

4. On October 16th , Mr. Cao Lieju, member of the standing committee of YTA Board of Education, shared via live broadcast on the topic of “Analyzing YTA mining logic and technology realization” on BCN’s Big Boss Talks, which is a program co-sponsored by BCN media, YTA (YottaChain) and Lianyouwanjia.

5. On September 23rd , the third station of “Consensus Theory-10 Cities” was officially held in Changsha, which co-sponsored by Consensus Lab, YTA (YottaChain), BQAI, Cocoa Finance, Tech Temple, B-LABS and other institutions. Mr. Zhu Yuming, vice president of YTA and partner of Yotta Eco Fund, shared YTA’s ideology of consensus, co-construction, co-governance and shared benefits.

6. On October 17th , an online open class, jointly held by YTA and HuobiChat, started in official community of YottaChain and Huobi. Mr. Jiang Qilin, chairman of YTA Education Committee, shared with community users on the topic “Analyzing YTA value-added logic based on its economic model”. Mr. Jiang said from its economic model and mechanism design, YTA can guarantee its currency will keep appreciated in the long term.

7. On the afternoon of October 20th , “YTA Super Node Consensus Summit” was held by Changshi Shenxin, one of YTA super node, in Zhengzhou city of Henan province. YTA founder Alex Wang was invited to attend the summit, during which he explicated blockchain storage.

Recent Market Events

2. YTA founder Alex Wang will attend the 2019 Global Blockchain Innovation Application Development Conference jointly sponsored by FFex, Express to Silicon Valley and CityChain. It is reported that the conference will invite privileged guests from blockchain technology, high-quality landing application project leaders, professional investment institutions, authoritative media, associations or research institutions. The topics will cover Libra scene effects, open finance, games, copyright, insurance, AI and big data, etc, with the purpose to provide ideas and directions for local industry development.

3. YTA will launch a short video collection contest named “Be Friends with Yotta” among global community users on October 23rd, in a bid to instill vigor to YTA community and promote YTA’s consensus philosophy. The final selection will base on videos’popularity on Douyin and Mars Finance. Among all submitted videos, those outstanding works will be rewarded with a large amount of YTAs.