YottaChain Project Biweekly Report (Nov. 18th — Nov. 30th)

Part 1 Technology Development Progress

YottaChain grandly unveiled its main network-accounting network at 14:00 on November 18th, on which Genesis node started to operate as the first one. At present, it has maintained a stable operation.

The recent technology development progress:

1. Completed performance testing and optimization for data upload and download;

2. Brought security audit report of accounting network to an end, and its expected to obtain storage network audit report by the end of December or early next January;

3. Completed coding for LRC and passed unit test. Now its under integration phase;

4. Finished “De-LibP2P” coding and started integration;

5. Performance testing has been completed and stability testing is ongoing.

Part 2 Commercial Application and Ecological Construction

1. On Nov. 17th, Mr.Sun Wenming, Chairman of the YottaChain Commercial Application Committee, held in-depth talks with partner of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport project to how to implement YottaChain blockchain storage in data center of Chengdu Tianfu International New Airport and Air China Base Park.

2. On the morning of Nov. 19th, Director-General Ding Sujing of Big Data Management Center of Lanzhou City, Guansu Province, welcomed enterprise delegation including YottaChain and accompanied the delegation to visit Big Data Management Center and presided over a symposium. On behalf of YottaChain, Mr.Sun Wenming, Chairman of the YottaChain Business Application Committee, Mr. Zhao Weimin, Executive Dean of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, and Mr.Lian Hailin, President of Zhuhai Pancircle Technology participated in the inspection.

3. On Nov. 19th, a salon themed “Yotta Builds Boundaryless Business” was co-hosted by YottaChain Education Committee and Business Application Committee in Beijing. The event lured a number of senior experts from YottaChain Education Committee and Business Application Committee, who shared with YottaChain users on many topics such as innovative business application models, project landing and real economy integration.

4. On Nov. 20th, YottaChain CEO, Chairman of the YottaChain Business Application Committee, and Chairman of the YottaChain Ecological Committee conducted in-depth exchanges with the visiting Oriental MuTouBang (Beijing) Information Technology in Shusen Group. They jointly discussed YottaChain blockchain storage application in MuTouBang, and explored how to promote YottaChain blockchain storage landing in digital media field.

5. On Nov. 20th, Mr.Zhao Weimin, Executive Dean ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, and Mr. Cao Qiang, Chairman of Henan Pinhan Technology, visited China Agricultural Silicon Valley Base of Nong Xin Tong Group, a leading agricultural company driven by Internet of Things. The two sides reached cooperation intentions in terms of agricultural big data storage, agricultural product traceability chain, technical training, and ecological base construction, etc., and intend to cooperate in the near future.

6. On Nov. 21st, Deputy Director Bian Ruoshen of YottaChain ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute and Mr. Dong Zhongli, Dean of Dongying Hanlin Academy of Shandong Province, reached agreement on college establishment, blockchain talent training, and education big data distributed storage.

7. On Nov. 24th, Mr. Bian Ruoshen, Deputy Dean of YottaChain ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, and Mr.Bin, Manager of Ordos marketing center of Inner Mongolia Branch of China Mobile Communications Terminal, discussed the application of blockchain storage in the communication and Talent training. After heated discussions, they reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

8. On Nov. 25th, Mr. Zhang Fei, partner of the Yotta Eco Fund, had a friendly exchange with leaders from Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone and Hubei Hongtai State-owned Capital Innovation and Technology, discussing a strategic cooperation between the Yotta Eco Fund and East Lake High-tech Zone, which led to a preliminary intention to build “Wuhan Yaota Digital Ecological Development Base” in Optics Valley, Wuhan City.

9. On the morning of Nov. 27th, Mr. Bian Ruoshen, Deputy Director of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute, and Mr. Liu Dengke and Mr. He Yongming, respectively General Manager and Manager of Google Greater China, engaged in a extensive technological exchange related to Google’s data storage in China, including documents, pictures, website and small programs, during which they both expressed the hope to make concerted efforts in Yotta thermal data, laying a solid foundation for YottaChain’s next move in thermal data storage.

10. On Nov. 27th, Mr. Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Commercial Application Committee, conducted discussion and exchange with Mr. Cui Hongtao, General Manager of Shandong Dacheng Technology. The two parties reached a strategic cooperation intention in industrial disaster tolerance systems, intelligent Internet of Things, and intelligent operation and maintenance systems for oilfield production stations.

11. On Nov. 27th, Vice President Bian Ruoshen of ChinaScience StarChain Big Data Research Institute and Manage Zhang Miao of Founder Group Tianjin had a thorough communication about data disaster recovery, cold data and archived data services in IDC center. Manager Zhang urged, in order to speed up cooperation, leaders of both sides will meet in early December.

12. On November 28th, a delegation representative of Mr.Sun Wenming, Chairman of YottaChain Business Application Committee, Mr. Zhang Fei, partner of Yotta Eco Fund, leaders from Zhiwang Technology and Yuebao Company, visited Beijing-Tianjin Zhongguancun Science and Technology City, where they discussed YottaChain ecosystem base construction in Zhongguancun. YottaChain’s industrial landing and exemplary role as blockchain leader have been highly recognized.

13. On November 29th, Mr. Li Xiaohui of YottaChain Business Application Committee was invited to participate in exchange conducted by Education Committee. He explained the implementation of the YottaChain blockchain storage technology and business application project to Mr. Li Jierui with New Data Mining company from Taiwan.

Part 3 Remarkable Achievements in Market Campaigns

1, On Nov. 18th, Shusheng Xingji (Beijing) Technology, a core code contributor of YottaChain, received congratulatory letters from China Communications Industry Association Low-Power Wireless Communication Committee, China Communications Industry Association Blockchain Special Committee, Beijing Haidian Credit Industry Association BlockChain Chip Technical Committee and Central Chain Laboratory (Shenzhen) , Guojing’an Laboratory (Shenzhen), Digital Rights Laboratories (Shenzhen) and Blockchain Chip Engineering Technology Research Institute (Beijing), in which they proposed to call “Nov. 18th” as “Distributed Storage Innovation Day” each year.

2. On Nov. 25th, Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance undertook research project of “New Infrastructure for Digital Economy”, from the National Development and Reform Commission. The next day, research group held a seminar on blockchain and digital economy infrastructure at the Business School of Renmin University of China, and Mr. Alex Wang, founder of YottaChain, was invited to attend the meeting. In his speech, Alex pointed out blockchain will change the world to a greater extent than the Internet. China is bestowed with more opportunities to capitalize on mechanism advantages to spur this revolution, among which finance and storage are the urgently needed infrastructure. YottaChain has taken the lead in storage infrastructure compared with United States. In the future, it will continue to transmit blockchain values to the society, actively respond to the country’s policy guidelines to accelerate the pace of independent innovation, and give play to interplay of digital economy and real economy through blockchain technology, offer a new type of data storage which featuring unlimited capacity, safety and low cost, so as to build multi-dimensional ecosystem for a solid infrastructure of digital economy. Alex’s speech was highly appreciated by Mr. Mao Jiye, Dean of Business School of Renmin University of China, and Mr. Zhao Guodong, Secretary General of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance.

3. On Nov. 26th, Chairman Wang Bingke of China Communications Industry Association listened to the report on the work of Blockchain professional committee at the Diaoyutai, then fully affirmed the work and achievements made by the special committee. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Jun, Chairman of Blockchain Commission, made brief report; Mr. He Chain, Secretary-General of the committee, made detail report; Mr. Alex Wang, Chairman of Shusheng Xingji /founder of YottaChain, and Mr. Yu Jianing, Deputy Chairman of the committee, made special presentations. Alex introduced YottaChain’s achievements in surpassing US peers in technical indicators and business models, which was hailed by leaders on the spot.

4. On Nov. 20th, Mr. Li Zhibiao, Secretary General of YottaChain Community Committee and investigator of China Blockchain Professional Committee, attended the “Blockchain Knowledge Lecture” organized by Women Entrepreneurs Association of Zhuhai City. This lecture is co-hosted by YottaChain Ecological Community Committee and Women Entrepreneurs Association, with the purpose to disseminate blockchain technology and its innovative application to the general public.

5. YottaChain Global Tour-Middle East Station was kicked off on November 23rd in Dubai, an economic and financial hub of the Middle East. YottaChain is actively looking for a local operation team and working with partners in Dubai, Finland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Syria and other countries through in-depth discussions and exchanges. Looking forward, YottaChain will work with ambitious partners from various countries to promote the global development of blockchain storage and help Dubai achieve its strategic goal of building a global blockchain capital.

6. In order to celebrate the operation of its main network-accounting network, YottaChain, together with YottaChain Education Commission and Mars Finance, jointly launched the “Find Friends of Yotta — Search for YottaChain Short Video Creator Globally” activity. This short video prize collection wrapped up on Nov. 18th. A list of 15 winners has been announced on WeChat public account.

7. Recently, 75 trainees who passed the first batch of training assessments conducted by YottaChain Education Committee have officially obtained the “Big Data” application talent professional technology certificate. This certificate has been certified by Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the information of certificate holders have been uploaded to the national industrial and information human resources database, which can be found on official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.